Monday, October 20, 2014

New Trails to Explore

I have wandered, explored, and traveled many paths that took me in many different directions.  All these were steps for my healing journey and leading me towards my goals that I wanted to reach.  I have been wanting to move away from the city, and get back to the woodlands , closer to nature…and it seems I have been able to have that opportunity now with the thanks to a good friend of mine.

I made a promise to myself, after my cancer scare that I would live life on the edge, and more of being in the moment…to really be alive and live life to the fullest.  It seems I used to live life on other peoples terms rather than my own…now I am being more selfish for myself and staying true to myself.  I have a gypsy spirit, and I love that I explore adventures with life, that takes me on paths that I have only dreamed about, before…and now I have a friend, who is willing to be my mentor and share his knowledge with me so I can explore and live in the bush.

I am finally creating my gypsy wagon, have gathered the building supplies, and have the land to create, build and live on with the opportunity of more.  This is a huge blessing in my life, and one that unless risks are taken, never would have come my way…but I saw a window of opportunity, and stepped away from my city life and thought it was my time to really take a chance for myself.

I am feeling good, I am feeling like my life is being stretched in a ways that will only enhance my goals and dreams which are becoming reality.  I struggle, but it is a good struggle, as I am learning new things every day, and this is putting me on a new path, a new trail and making things real with hands on experiences.

Time to risk , step away from your comfortable life, and spread your wings so you can embrace your freedom!

Celtic Gypsy Woman

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