Thursday, October 13, 2011

Checking In

I had not realized just how long it has been since I have made a blog entry...WOW

So much has happened the past few months. Finally I am done my medical stuff, well enough for now that I am back to traveling on the road again, and that feels absolutely wonderful!

Currently back in Ontario, and both my girls came for a visit and we traveled to Niagara Falls for a family holiday, and had a great time there...and then we went about and spent time with friends that the girls had not seen since they were little, and spent time cooking and just hanging with each other . Oh and spent a wonderful time by the lake with a hula-hoop. It was great fun.

I also took a trip for about ten days to Montreal, Quebec and that was a good experience...I had never been there before and of course my high school french that I learned was pretty limited, but managed to have a great time, meet new people who enjoy the nomadic lifestyle that I like, and discovered some fabulous coffee shops along the way.

Then spent a few days at my sisters place in the back woods, and got spoiled with good homecooking...and now...back in Toronto for awhile.

Back staying with friends who live near the lake, so able to wander down to the lake and enjoy the water and quiet personal space...I can stay here for the Winter Season, and they would very much like me to design a community garden space here for the upcoming Spring...not sure what to do, I have the wandering travel spirit within me stirring, now that I am healthy enough again to be on the road.

After spending Canadian Thanksgiving apart, my girls are hinting pretty strongly they want me to come for a visit out West again...they are both in school, my oldest in university , and my youngest in College..both doing well, just struggling with what it means to be back in school full time and not have mom nearby to have tea visits, and care packages shared with them :) ( read home baking in this one)

Money of course is a factor, while out West I had financial assistance covered while dealing with medical issues, but if I stay in Ontario, or wander, that is no longer in place...and not ready for any full time work, and not sure if I can manage on just short term contract am in process of figuring out financial expenses and how to have income flowing enough to cover my simple needs.

Anyway will try to post some pics...I did not have a camera as it broke, and no money to replace it at the moment, but my daughters took some pics so will try to get them posted on here :)

Happy Autumn Season Everyone and would love to hear your comments and what / where you are up to these days!


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