Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban Homesteading Solidarity

I am an Nomadic, Gypsy Spirit Urban Homesteader... and today I stand in solidarity and participate as an activist in the Urban Homesteading Action Day!
Homesteading is in my spirit and in my blood and can NOT be trademarked!!!!!

For many years, I have taken jobs that involved community gardening, community development projects that shared knowledge for women to become more self sufficient...when in the city I try to garden in containers and work hard on cooking from scratch when possible.

These are skills that have been handed down through generations of families and friends, and the knowledge has been passed along so that we create community to work together and share in the goodness that comes from living closer to the land.

I have worked hard to make my life more simple, less chaotic, and live frugally, so that I can be independent and become self sufficient.

I still have alot to learn and a long way to go in becoming self sufficient...but am now taking steps to become an Urban Homesteader and combine it with my passion for Nomadic Living...

I do not believe that anyone can trademark the lifestyle of Urban Homesteading, after all I enjoy reading Mother Earth News Magazine and there are many articles on Homesteading and they have been around for many years... and so, I write this blog in solidarity with the Homesteading community in standing in solidarity and protest against recent events. To learn more , check out the Facebook group Take Back Urban Home-steading(s).

 Celtic Gypsy Woman