Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quiet Weekend

WOW, this has been a whirlwind of a week, and I am very happy to have some quiet time to hibernate and relax this weekend.

Too many hoops to be jumping through to deal with the government red tape just to get some financial assistance to deal with medical issues...and I know have a much better appreciation for what my former clients had to go through that I used to work with. It takes a lot of patience and self determination to deal with the process of what officials make you go through...I have done the intake , now need to sit and wait for the assessment process which will take a couple of weeks for my next appointment. So much for getting rent paid for February 1, so will just continue to couch surf with friends for the next three weeks until finances get settled.

Too bad it is winter outside, as I would just love to take a tent and camp outside, in the backwoods...that would suit me so much better. Yet alas, I have returned to the Alberta mountains, so Winter Season will stay here for awhile longer.

I am finding that I have alot more patience within me, or maybe it is a inner resolve to just deal with the health issues so that I can get back to traveling the back roads and exploring since I tend to hibernate in Winter Season ( much like a mamma bear) I will focus on health, and taking care of myself , while living within the four walls of a house again for awhile. Thank goodness for friends who understand this need, and are willing to let me rent a room, or stay a few nights on their couch in exchange for some homecooked meals :)

Guess my talents of running a catering business years ago has paid off, as I still enjoy cooking , although I would much prefer to be cooking outdoors, but for now will take full advantage of cooking on a standard stove and making homemade goodies like muffins, and casseroles...rather than stove top stews, and soups.

It is good to be in the present, and live in the season of what you need to do in your life. I have had great opportunities of travel and work, and enjoyed those am living in the season of healing health, and using this time to catch up on reading books, research on the internet for homesteading internships for when I feel better, and reconnecting with friends that I do not always have a chance to keep in touch with when traveling.

Oh and of course, I am taking full advantage of having this time with my girls also...chatting on the phone, having get togethers, and just having a closeness oldest is doing so well, she just finished her exams and looking forward to her next semester...and with these goals met, she will be able to move into full time university for her nursing program in the Fall Season.

My youngest has now gotten a stable place with friends, and is hoping to do some correspondance courses as she finds that she works better independantly. Hopefully things come together for her.

Anyway just wanted you to know that I am getting grounded again, refocused my priorities and taking time for healing in many areas of my life...then making plans for next Spring or Summer for hopefully doing a bit more traveling again and getting a chance to living outdoors in the warm sunshine.

For now , I will enjoy my hibernation mode, and take time for journaling, writing blogs, and reading and just using this time to re-energize myself.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Kylie aka Celtic Gypsy Woman

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-Heidi said...

Kylie, It's good to hear you're nurturing yourself. I'm looking forward to more blogs.
Be well and at peace, ~Heidi