Friday, October 22, 2010

Freedom With No Schedule

Well the sun is shining through my window and it feels good. I am curled up on my bed , working on my laptop and just enjoying the quietness of the morning.
I know that once I get up and head to the coffeemaker, there will be folks arising and starting the day and the quietness of the first morning light will be gone.

Not sure what my plans for the day are...I do not have any really as I was suppose to be gone from here and on my road trip. The reasons I had to delay have been put to rest for this week, although there are appointments to keep for next week, but for the next three days, I am without plans...

So what to do?

Lots of thoughts swirling around in my head...

- I could write some letters and continue on my mission of the Lost Art of Letter Writing

- I could make a trek down to the lake and collect some more rocks, and sit and meditate

- I could do some baking since there are supplies available

- I could write some blogs after researching some themes for Van Steading

- I could continue to explore education opportunites for Agriculture Internships

- I could get out two of my novels and spend some time reading

- I could create some more new bottles of cleaning products

- I could get out my new fabric and sew up a hoodie this weekend

So many ideas, and three days to explore having some fun and quiet time for I cannot remember when I have had this much time and no schedule, it is a wonderful feeling to know I have the freedom to have fun and take some TLC time for me!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and let me know what you are all up to this weekend and if you are taking some time for yourself.



NOLA's Lost Son said...

Personally, I'd take advantage of that waterside Meditation to open up and get spiritually refreshed, them decide about the rest of the day. Of course, I really need to spend some time doin that myself in the very near future.

Bon chance and blessings,

-Heidi said...

How nice! I miss having time for my projects... we've been so busy trying to visit everyone before winter! Enjoy!