Thursday, October 14, 2010

Curled up under Blankets

Sorry folks for not posting much and keeping up with the VanSteaders topics , I have been sick in bed for the past three days. I finally went to the hospital yesterday at the insistence of my housemates, but they could not find anything wrong other than a really bad cold.

I have lost my voice, curled up under my warm blankets and have been sleeping oh so much...which on one hand is wonderful to just sleep all day and night, only getting up for bathroom breaks and juice breaks...well last night it was for a soup break ( I have wonderful housemates that made a wonderful pot of homemade chicken soup ) ...

I figure eventually my body will want to stop sleeping so much and then my brain will kick back into active thinking mode :) and then will share my thoughts on the updated VanSteaders topics.

Will be back online in a couple of days hopefully.



-Heidi said...

I sure hope you feel better soon!


Gypsy Trails said...

Thanks me too, I admit, I feel a wee bit better this morning than yesterday so thinking that is a good sign.

I have enjoyed catching up on the VanSteader blogs and hope to be able to post some more thoughts in the next couple of days on your topics.


hoboknitter said...

feel better, kylie! rest and heal....

Gypsy Trails said...

Thanks, and yes I am getting lots of rest and healing time...not much energy for anything else....sleeping lots of eating some home made soup made by housemates, all good for healing :)

Thanks for your friendly healing energy sent cyberspace.