Monday, October 4, 2010

The Art of Letter Writing

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend, last night for over an hour...and if you know me, you know I do not like to talk long on the phone, but I was out on the front porch and was just sitting drinking my tea, when my phone rang and my friend was calling me from work. She works as security and she had just finished making her rounds and called, so we got to talk for an hour .

We rarely get a chance for long conversations due to both of our schedules, and it was so wonderful to take the time to really connect and share thoughts, and so we got to realizing that with my new schedule of my consulting job and with traveling, we both needed to get better with rediscovering the old art of letter writing.

I admit I have gotten away from the hobby of letter writing, lost the art of it, where as in years past, I would write letters all the time and send them off to friends sharing details of my adventures, but with modern technology I lost the art of letter writing.

but now I am excited to be getting back into the art of it, and am looking forward to putting my thoughts on paper again and sharing photos and poetry, and personal writing that just does not come from sending emails, or text from your cell phone.

So lets celebrate the art of letter writing and stay connected with our friends while sharing adventures with them. After all everyone loves getting surprises from friends in their mail box, especially if it is not a bill :)

My friend CM is very excited to be looking forward to getting letters and packages in her mailbox!



-Heidi said...

I started sending my parents letters when my dad could no longer use a computer (in June)... I've sent more letters in the mail since June, than I have in the last 42 years. I know now how important it is to take the time to actually put pen to paper for another. The pen-written word is truly becoming a lost art. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for letter writing and your energy for it. You might check out The Things Unsaid Project ( as a starting point. Letter writing breeds a sincerity and thoughtfulness that e-mail, texting, etc just can't produce.

Keep up the good work! And Good Luck!