Thursday, June 17, 2010

Difficult Past Days

I have been struggling the past three days.

I got a call Monday from a very good friend who I have known since I was a teen....requesting my help.

Reflections of dealing with demons from a difficult past, a journey through life that has been very very hard on her, and she is at a point where she is struggling immensely.

Some of that journey through life was shared with me, I have also had challenging moments along the way in my life, and since we have known each other for so many years, of course we shared many memories of times that we both were challenged.

It is hard to figure out why some people can move forward and others get stuck in a memory from their past. Hard to explain to folks how I have moved forward ...but just by taking one step at a time, it is indeed possible.

I am now back home, safe and secure in my own space. Took a walk by the lake last night and it was wonderful to sit by the water.

Hopefully the peacefulness returns the next few days.


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-Heidi said...

This is a moving post and a good reminder that sometimes we just need to take that next step (or next breath)... and then another until we find ourselves elsewhere. I hope your friend can find the way.